10 Years of 1st chartered with Andrew Dean

We’re celebrating Andrew Dean’s 10th year with the company and all he has done for our clients and the business in that time. It has been an eventful decade for many reasons, and as a business we could not have achieved all that we have without Andy. We took some time to ask him about his experience over the last decade and it was fantastic to hear what he had to say.


First and foremost: Congratulations! Have you enjoyed your time with 1st Chartered and the team so far?

“Without a shadow of doubt – yes! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. As our clients know, we are a small, but highly efficient team, and there are currently only the three of us. Over the years there have been a number of team members come and go, yet Sylvia, Elliot and I have been constant in that time. I have no hesitation in saying that we are essentially the “power team” (maybe not quite the term I’m looking for), and I really enjoy working with them. We have good rapport, which I think is vital when there are only a handful of you.

I have also enjoyed working with the “extended team” over the years; establishing relationships with the outside professionals we use from product providers, compliance support and marketing.”


Looking back at the last 10 years, could you point to any personal standout moments with the business?

“Sylvia asking me to take on the office manager role was a big achievement for me. At that time I had only been with the firm for 3 years. This was something I was very keen to do as I wanted the opportunity to influence how things were done and change the status quo with a view to improving the background operations of the business.

In 2013 the team went through a training exercise over a few days with a lovely lady. The training was designed to enhance how we worked as a team, to help us approach negative situations with a positive outlook and to capitalise on the positive situations in both our work and personal lives. We looked at our positions within the business, how our roles interacted and where we saw ourselves going. I think this exercise is in part why Sylvia, Elliot and I work together so well now.”


Have you recognised any notable changes to the industry as a whole over the last 10 years?

“During my 10 years here there have been a few changes to the industry. Most notable of these was the Retail Distribution Review in 2013. This dramatically changed the level of qualification required to provide advice and banned advisers taking upfront commission on investments. In all, this was aimed at improving the quality of the advice and service being offered to clients.”


What has the 1st Chartered team done to adapt to those changes, or were you already prepared ahead of time?

“The preparations for this were in place long before I joined the firm… Sylvia is always several steps ahead of the game. So, when the legislation came into force we were already set up for it without anything to worry about.”


Do you think there is an aspect or approach that you and the team have kept consistent that has helped you remain positive and successful throughout that time? 

“Our dedication and commitment to our clients and offering a first class service has definitely remained consistent. We pride ourselves on our service, and we are always looking for ways to develop and enhance the service for the benefit of our clients.”


Personally, do you have any goals you wish to achieve in your next chapter with 1st Chartered?

“The next big goal is to complete my last exam which will give me my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. I would have completed this already, but Covid, and other elements of life, had other plans, so it has been delayed. All being well, this will be achieved this year. Then I would like to officially start taking on some of the regulatory responsibilities for the business, which I am already heavily involved in.”


Thanks Andy! 

It’s truly been a fantastic 10-year journey, long may it continue!