Buying experiences: some sites that might help you to build your bucket list!

We will often point out to our clients that ‘you can’t take your money with you’ and that planning for a time when you can start to tick all of the things you have always wanted to do off your bucket list can be one of the most rewarding parts of financial planning!

But what if your bucket list isn’t full yet? How can you make sure you’ll live a full and rewarding retirement, taking advantage of your newly available time to travel the world or learn something new?

We’ve taken a look around the web and come up with the below pointers, which just might help to get you started on some new ideas for your bucket list!


For those who want to spread their wings a little wider in retirement, could help with some trip inspiration. Specialising in those holidays that are ‘a little out of the ordinary’, their site is a great way to spot places you’ve never been to and investigate realistic ways of completing the trip. From wildlife escapes in Iceland to epic sailing adventures, there’s something here for everyone.

Making the most of the UK

If you’re planning on staying closer to home, then has plenty of tips for what to do and see in the British Isles. Whether it’s just making the most of what is on your doorstep, or heading to the furthest ends of the country, the site is a treasure trove of things to do in the UK.

Planning on an ideal home

If some home improvements, a dream building project or a refurbishment of your current property, factor in to your retirement plans then the Ideal Home Show ( is a great place for inspiration. Having just completed its 107th year, the show is long established as the place to go for all of the best and newest tips when it comes to property, gardens and more, and, whilst you wait for next year’s show to come around, the website has some great features!


We all want to live happy later lives and so, if something as simple as making the most of your retirement features on your Bucket List then you could do worse than With plenty of suggestions for improving your quality of life, it is a great companion for making sure you do everything you can to live life to the full.

Keeping active in brain as well as body

For many people, learning something new in their retirement helps them to stay engaged, active and busy. is a UK index of courses, with a huge range of topics and ideas, searchable by interest and postcode. Whatever you would like to learn – from a language to a craft – there is sure to be something there to engage you.