‘No matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for chocolate’

Whilst the title of this post may well be enough for the chocoholics amongst you, it’s actually a headline with a much deeper meaning and, believe it or not, some application for your financial planning!

We recently came across this great YouTube video, telling the story of a philosophy professor and his lesson regarding the important things in life (and chocolate). You can watch it by just clicking play below and it’s well worth three minutes of your time.



The lesson that the philosophy teacher gets across to his students is very similar to one we discuss with clients on a regular basis.

As with the teacher’s example, the things that matter in your life (the golf balls, if you will), should take up the most time. Then the slightly less important things (the pebbles) should take up the next amount of time. The sand represents all of the ‘filler’ that you need in your life, but that you’d rather not take time away from the really important things; family, children, health, enjoyment.

Financial planning should help you to spend more time with your golf balls and less time with your sand filler!

A good financial planner will help you to get your money working for you, so that it can enable you to do the things that you want to. After all, money is just that: a tool that lets us have great experiences and own great ‘things’, all in the company of family and friends.

Good financial planning also takes the worry away; another piece of ‘sand filler’ that you could do without crowding your life. We make sure that you’re remembering to make your appropriate ISA contributions for example, or that your pension is on course to provide the retirement that you want… all of the financial ‘things’ that you could do without crowding your ‘golf balls’, but that you need in your life somewhere.

And, of course, whilst we can’t guarantee we’ll provide you with the extra chocolate, with all the time financial planning creates for you, we’re certain you’ll be able to squeeze in a few squares of Dairy Milk!

So, if you know someone who needs to spend more time with their ‘golf balls’ and less time on the ‘sand’, then do point them in our direction. We would love to help more people to spend time with the more important things in life (and chocolate)!