Teachers’ Financial Planning

teachers financial planning1st Chartered specialise in financial planning for teachers, professors and senior education professionals. Although we have a wide-ranging client base who work in all sorts of industries, we have a long history helping senior education professionals to achieve financial freedom.

The 1st Chartered approach to Teachers’ Financial Planning

As with clients in alternative fields of work, the first stage of our approach involves getting to know you and what you want for yourself and your family. It’s the only way to make sure that your money is working for you and, unlike some traditional providers of financial advice for teachers, it ensures that we’re helping you to achieve what you really want to, at every stage of the process.

Structure that works for you

As a teacher, professor or senior education professional, it’s likely that you’ll have benefited from structure in the way you have been paid throughout your career and in the way you have saved for your future. 1st Chartered’s Teachers’ Financial Planning service is about making sure that the structure continues to work for you. Are your savings and pension on track to provide for you in retirement? Will you also be able to do everything else you want to in life; travel, look after children and grandchildren, perhaps purchase that dream home in the sun?

Regular reviews

We talk to our clients regularly, and meet in person at least annually. This helps us to make sure that your financial plan is on the right track to secure your financial future. Your hopes and dreams will change over the years, as will your finances. We’ll be here at every step of the way to help you to stay on track.

Financial challenges for teachers, professors and senior education professionals

Because of our work in the sector, we’ve experienced many of the challenges which are specific to teachers and professors and helped people just like you to overcome them.

For example, many of our clients came to us with concerns about the range of savings vehicles they were using. With an employer pension (either the standard teacher’s pension or a privately provided pension, in the case of professors) and personal savings, many teachers can feel they have ‘lost track’ of what they are saving and how much their savings will be worth when retirement comes around.

Common questions we’re asked by teachers about the Teacher’s Pension Scheme and private pension schemes

  • How much should I expect to receive in my retirement?
  • When should I take my retirement income?
  • If I wait until age 60 then will I receive more than if I take my income immediately; which option is right for me?
  • What are the tax implications?
  • Should I take a greater lump sum, or take as much guaranteed income as possible?
  • Do I have to forgo income to increase my lump sum entitlement? How much is right for me?
  • Is there any flexibility to how I take my retirement income?
  • Am I at risk of exceeding certain tax thresholds within the scheme?
  • Is the pension income going to be enough to cover my existing lifestyle?
  • What happens to the money I’ve saved if I die? Can my family benefit?

We help you to get a view on your future by carrying out thorough cash flow planning which looks at scenarios you might face. How much income will you have in retirement? Are your investments performing as well as they should? We’ll put you ‘in the know’ when it comes to your financial future.

Securing a legacy

Another common concern many teachers and professors tell us about is the legacy they plan to leave. Who will have access to their wealth and at what cost? What about when it comes to state provided pensions? Again, we’ll set out a clear plan so that you can be safe in the knowledge that the money you’ve worked hard for will go to the right people.

Saving and spending

It’s tempting to think that, with all of that, you’ll be spending all of your time saving but we work with many people just like you to tell them when they can spend as well! After all, money is just an enabler: it enables us to do what we want to; in life, retirement and with our families.

With a full financial plan, you can do away with worry when it comes to saving and spending, and get on with enjoying the life you want to live.