What our clients say

I wish that I had been introduced to Sylvia Bentham years ago! In contrast to previous financial advisers that I have encountered Sylvia is straight talking, cuts out all the nonsense and gets directly to the facts.

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I have been advised to seek a cautious portfolio given that I am now retired. To see a growth of over 12% in the last twelve months is very pleasing.

The service that Sylvia offers is so far and above any advice that I have been previously given that I struggle to think what could have been done better. Biscuits with the tea perhaps!


I am impressed by Sylvia’s commitment to professional development which is not just gaining qualifications but uses these to enhance her services.

Sylvia has provided a logical and understandable approach to my financial needs and uses the most up to date methods to keep track of my investments.

They were invaluable with their down to earth approach. Nothing was too much trouble even when we didn’t understand. We could not be in better hands.

Seven years prior to retirement, my wife and I needed to ensure that adequate plans were in place to ensure a projected standard of living in retirement that would align with our current standard whilst still in full-time employment.

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Sylvia provided an in-depth evaluation of our current position, including finely detailed gap analyses. This supported us in making a balanced judgement of our future position and, very professionally advised by Sylvia, understanding in layperson's terms the benefits and drawbacks of the various options available to us in order to bridge the identified gaps. On a personal level, the most important thing that Sylvia did for us was to exercise her skill for explaining in straightforward and understandable language the complex mechanisms of investment and the reasons why we might consider any of a particular range of options.

Our expectation at this stage (my wife and I still have some years to go before retirement) is that we should have confidence that our funds are being actively and responsibly managed, and that we are receiving professional and well-informed advice. This is exactly the outcome we have seen. Additionally, we feel that the client/service-provider relationship we have established is very positive and that our trust in Sylvia is entirely justified. A pleasure to do business with.


We have been extremely happy with the investments Sylvia arranged for us, but more importantly we have experienced a wonderful customer service over the years and could not recommend highly enough.

I am financially secure, more so than I could ever have hoped for.

My wife and I have been a client for over 10 years. We chose 1st Chartered Financial Planning Ltd because of their Pension expertise, they were one of the few firms with all the relevant qualifications, and truly independent. It was probably the best financial decision we have ever made.

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They are a small, friendly and extremely knowledgeable team. They take the time to make sure you understand their advice but leave you to make the final call.

Their advice gave us the confidence to take early retirement in our 50's and our Annual Reviews with them keep us on track for the future.

Finally, one thing I would say, if you are looking for financial advice don't delay. The sooner the better.


All of the staff at 1st Chartered are helpful and very approachable. We consider them friends.

We receive excellent advice, which when we don’t quite understand is always explained in terms we understand.

I have been a client of 1st Chartered for over 15 years. In common with many busy people my savings and pension arrangements were an ad hoc mixture of private pensions, fixed term and easy access savings accounts, which I felt needed professional input to ensure the long term effective management of my assets for retirement.

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After some initial investigations I spoke with my long serving accountant who recommended I include Sylvia Bentham in my search for an adviser. During my first meeting I felt comfortable with her approach, she took on board my initial expectations and offered a range of possible courses of action for me to consider.

Over the last 15 years the technical quality of her advice has been consistently good and she does appear to make a special effort to keep up to date with future trends and possible or likely impending tax issues. As her business has expanded she has built up a small and effective team. This combined with modern I.T. systems has enabled 1st Chartered to respond promptly to requests for information.

Whilst having no current actual experience of other adviser costs I cant really pass judgement, but speaking with colleagues and friends I consider that advice received over the years has been value for money and of high quality.


Peace of mind is a good feeling. 1st Chartered gives us just that. A safe pair of hands.

I like the fact there is a small team of helpful. friendly and knowledgeable people.